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Welcome to XC Skies Soaring Forecasts

Version 3 is finally here!

The new map application is ready. XC Skies V3 Beta Maps

If you're not ready to explore version 3, you can continue to use the previous version 2 until we finish all documentation. Our motivation for releasing V3 as beta is to not sit on such a trove of useful information just because a few documents have not been finalized. Version 2 is now here:

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XC Skies still has the same goals and motivation...

• Interactive soaring forecast maps and tools for virtually every flyable location on planet Earth.

• Our goal is to provide timely and highly useful soaring forecasts to allow pilots to make better decisions on when and where to fly.

• XC Skies is enabling pilots to break their personal bests and smash records by providing detailed soaring parameters that allow area, point, and route cross-section analysis.

• Pilots can visualize forecasts with our interactive maps and XC exploring tools to investigate the potential trends over the next upcoming days.

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